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Rewilding Sussex typically meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. However, keep update here and by following us on Facebook and Twitter: @RewildingSussex. This month we will be meeting on Monday 18th of April, Preston Park Cafe, for the Wild Games trials.

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Engaging the bright young minds of today,

to create a tomorrow Full of Natural wonder.


Rewilding Sussex is the first community group in the Wild4Good network. Rewilding Sussex have two key objectives: 1) engage the people of Sussex in rewilding; and 2) develop the partnerships and obtain the licences to allow the reintroduction of keystone species missing from Sussex for the benefit of wildlife and society, starting with the beaver.

Rewilding Sussex are particularly passionate about engaging young people in this mission. Rewilding Sussex started with lectures to the Conservation Biology students of the University of Sussex and our first members came fromĀ this course. It has been their enthusiasm, ideas and energy that has driven us forward.

Rewilding Sussex has since picked up members from a variety of backgrounds including researchers from the local universities, artists and conservation professionals. Partnering with local artists has been particularly exciting and has led to the development of our first big project, an art exhibition called “Re-Discover”.

This year Rewilding Sussex is focusing on developing the Wild Games. Sports inspired by natural processes and actively restore habitat. We’ll be running sessions with our own takes on olympic sports such as discus, relay races and rugby.

3 thoughts on “Rewilding Sussex

  1. Chloe Dixon says:

    im an ecology student and would really love to be involved in this somehow. Also my friend Olly runs PolarSnap interact photography company and sure he’d love to be involved too. Visit his website he does photography art which could be in the exhibition


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